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Friday, September 15, 2023

Abstract Fun

 Abstract art is intriguing...  I  like it's playfulness.  I like the way colors and shapes can dance across a canvas.  But...  it is also challenging.  Challenging that it doesn't become too chaotic.  Challenging to incorporate elements and principles of good design.  

I've done some abstract work in the past - and I enjoy it... but there are still many things I am learning about my own voice in abstraction.  

This painting has not title.  It is acrylic on cradled board.  It's given me more ideas to explore! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Milkweed in Bloom

 Who doesn't love FREE?  Especially Free Art!  

If you love free and love art, you'll love this! 

Every month I send out one colorful, fun note to my special friends... and it's easy to subscribe!   In that note, I include something exclusively just for you! 
It could be free, downloadable and printable art for your personal use (like the original milkweed watercolor painting above).
After printing, its yours to frame and enjoy. 


It could be a contest to win a free original painting!


It could be a special, members first discount!  

There's always something I've created with you in mind! 

Staying in touch is tricky. Social media is not reliable ~ there's so much we never see.
But you'll always get a friendly note from me in your inbox in the first week of every month.

Subscribe here - and you'll get an immediate welcome email and free gift! 

Let's be friends ~ It'll be fun! 


Radiant! Sunflowers

 Radiant,   7x5" oil on panel
©Helen Read 

 Sunflowers are one of my favorites!  And at the end of the summer, they always make an appearance in my art.  Their colors are varied but vibrant, their shapes range from large to small.  Even their centers are different in size and color.  

This small painting is quite textured, and though the warm colors of gold and yellow green predominate, the undertones of blue and purple are also seen. 

More information on this painting is found here!

This painting is available either framed or unframed.
Domestic shipping is included! 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Dancing in the Wind ~ abstract

 Dancing in the Wind
(A garden inspired abstract painting)
12x9" oil on canvas
©Helen C Read 

This is the time of year when I find a lot of inspiration in the variety of colors and textures and shapes of the garden!  And it's fun (and challenging) to do an abstract work.  There are many design elements to keep in mind; balance, rhythm, motion, color harmony, directional flow.  This painting leads the viewer into a color rich, imaginative garden experience.  

For more information on this painting, click here. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

What's This? $100 off regular pricing?


Yes!  - just until August 7th!  Take $100 off the usual price ($197)  on my full length drawing course, The Incredible Pencil.   ALSO, the first 5 to register will received a $15 gift card for art supplies.   Usually this course is  $197, but now in this Summer Special it's just $97! 

See more: 

Whether a beginner, or wanting to brush up on your skills, or more - this course with proven methods will lead you into advanced drawing skills with confidence! In it you'll have full access to 20 instructional videos, more resources to download and use, a private group to connect with others, and access for a full year! There's no risk, because it has a 7 day money back guarantee! 

Drawing is a fun skill, and it is foundational to all other types of creative work! Check out the details ~ Don't miss out on this! Now is the perfect time to pick up the pencil and start drawing! 

Thursday, July 20, 2023

It's Finally Ready!! Helen C Read on Patreon!

 This is something I've been considering for a while...and now HERE IT IS!   :) 

The Art Adventure

Why have I created this on Patreon?  For several reasons:
As a busy artist, I need to this... I need time to just play. To explore. To experiment. To make whimsical creations.  It's renewing and ... well,  fun!  

I also need to be connected with other artists and those who are adventuresome, who like to try new things and see what happens.  

No matter what level of experience or the medium you most like ~ maybe for the person just starting out, or like me, has a lot of experience.... this is a fun adventure in creating!  

I've taught fine art for many years, and now am a full time artist. There's something exciting and fun about working together - learning together - adventuring together. 

I'm uploading a video with ideas to explore and experiment with each month, as well as other fun surprises. I've created a private group where we can connect and share with one another what we are doing - encouragement and support are vital!
Together we'll uncover and develop our personal style or "voice". 

You can find out all about it here on Patreon.

You can join and see all the content with a 1 week Free membership,
Then, if this is right for you, it's $5/mo ... that's it!  And, of course, you can easily cancel at any time.
$5 a month is a great value!  To get new ideas, to have friends to share with, and to grow your creative style!  Join us there - Let's adventure together! 

Sunday, July 2, 2023

July is Give-Away month!


This lovely little original oil painting is going to one of my friends in July!  It could be you! 
Just check my July newsnote (sending on July 5th) for all the details about how to enter to win it!
It measures 3x3" and has a magnetic backing... perfect for a metallic surface or a small easel for a shelf. 

OH, if you don't get my 1x a month note... it's not too late! 
Sign up right here!

You'll only get 1 email each month from me - but it will be colorful and you'll get exclusive fun content only available to my email friends  (like a give away contest, or free downloadable art, or an exclusive discount).   Let's be friends!!


A Landscape Painting Exhibit - July 2023


Preparing an exhibit has taking up a good deal of my month of June!  But this 10 piece landscape exhibit is now up and ready to be viewed!  If you are local in Wheaton, IL, please stop in to see it!  It is displayed on the main floor of the library and will be there through the month of July.  

To see the pieces individually, please visit my website! and go to the landscape section.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023


 Tranquility, 11x14" oil on canvas
Shown framed in a floating frame. 

There's something about being in nature - about the beauty, the colors, the sunlight... it is renewing.
This painting captures the essence of tranquility... a quiet peace, a place to renew. 

See more on this painting right here! 


Friday, May 12, 2023

Cantigny Tulips


Not far from where I live - these beautiful tulips are in full bloom. 
This only gives a glimpse of the acres of flowers tucked into a woodsy setting. 
This little plein air painting captures a moment between sunshine and shadow. 

See more of this painting on my website! 

It comes matted for an 8x10" frame
(framing options are available) 

Giclee print is also available:

Friday, May 5, 2023

Drying - not yet finished.


This is what has been on my easel this last week or so.  It's not quite finished.  Still drying - not yet titled. This is, I suppose, a progress report!   It measures 11x 14" and is painted with oil.  Adjustments are coming soon!  

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Finally Finished!

 Sometimes, I find something stuck away ... something I started a long while ago and never finished.  

 Flowering Crabapple

That was the case with this small watercolor.  Just started and left unfinished.  I'm not even sure when I started it ~ it's been several years!  It was fun to add some more vivid color to the structure that was already there. 

Pen and Ink, Floral Bouquet

Pen and ink is such a wonderful medium.  I did this small drawing a few months ago preparing for a larger painting.  But - it had such a lovely feel just as a drawing.  Not being able to resist a little color, I added a light wash of watercolor in the background. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Another Give Away Painting coming in April!


This colorful painting is going to be given away!   That's right!  Every few months I paint a small painting to give to one of my friends.  The details are all found in my monthly email newsletter.  I've sent my little free paintings (literally) around the country and around the world!  

All the details are in my newsletter, which will come out in the first few days of April.
Don't miss out on the colorful, fun and uplifting email I send.  Every month, there is something fun and exclusive ~ just for my friends!  (Like a give away, or free art to download, or a friends discount) 

Sign up here ~ Art Lover News

UPDATE!  This lovely little painting has found its new home in Texas!  

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